I’ve had to abandon development of this plugin due to other commitments. If anyone is interested in an updated and customized version for there site please contact me.

Do you need to let your members decide who can view the profiles? Then this is the plugin for you. A new option in the members settings named “Privacy Setting” that gives them the following options:

  1. Everyone: Profiles are viewed as if the plugin isn’t installed.
  2. Only Logged in Users: If a user that isn’t logged in attempts to view this profile they are redirected to a registration page.
  3. Only Friends: If a user  that isn’t friends with the profile being viewed they are shown a new tab called “Private” that give them a message and an opportunity to send a friend request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the privacy settings hide profiles from site administrators?

No, site administrators or super admins can view all profiles regardless of their settings.

Does this plugin affect hidden profile fields?

No, any profile fields that are hidden will be hidden no matter what the settings are. This plugin is for overall profile privacy.

What are the requirements?

WordPress 4.0 up to 4.6 and it has been tested on Buddypress 2.6.2.

I need Simple Buddypress Profile Privacy, how do I get it?

The plugin is available from the WordPress Plugin Repository. I encourage you to download it. If you need support or have suggestions you can use the support forum at the repo or contact me here.