I’ve created a few different WordPress plugins. You can use the links below or contact me for more information about them.

  1. Map List Pro Geoencoding: I extended the plugin Map List Pro by adding a section of the location administration area that allows the user to enter the address and then have the lattitude and logitude automatically updated based on the Google Maps API. You can learn more about this in my blog post and see the code on Github.
  2. Simple Buddypress Profile Privacy: I couldn’t find an easy way for a client’s Buddypress site to have members select who is able to view their profiles so I created one. It allows members to choose whether they want to limit profile views to logged in users, only their friends or everyone. You can learn more about Simple Buddypress Profile Privacy here.

Have an Idea For a WordPress Plugin?

I’d love to hear it. Maybe we can partner up and get it to market. Contact me and we’ll see how we can work together.